Home Nursing Services & Care for Elders

Home Nursing Services

The times of COVID have made our bonds more vital than ever. With the focus to sustain long-lasting and meaningful relationships between patients and their families, We at Caregivers are the best-suited nursing agency to provide personalized home nursing services to your loved ones with care & compassion.

We aim to enhance health by offering private duty nursing at home round the clock with undivided attention toward the patient which is much more efficient than in the hospital setting. You can rely on our nursing care services as our team is well trained and well equipped to provide utmost medical supervision for an extensive period of time.

According to the patient’s requirement, you can hire home nursing services for 12 hours or 24 hours and we will send our reliable skilled nurses to your doorstep and ensure your safety.

Nurse providing home nursing services to elderly patient.

Delivering Professional Care & Supervision With In-home Nursing Care

We believe in the magic of healing at home, in your own surroundings, and comfort without rushing to hospitals and waiting in long queues for simple services. We at Caregivers provide skilled nursing care and occupational therapy that can be easily regulated at your home with quality supervision that is cheaper and more effective than hospitals.

Benefits of Home Nursing Care

  • One-on-one care and support
  • Patients have better health results
  • Nurses can support the patients in the absence of family
  • Manages chronic health conditions to prevent hospital visits
  • Supports on-time medication and nutrition.

Our Full Continuum of Skilled Care Services

Mother and Baby Care

Being a mother is definitely not easy. Post delivery both the child and the mother require continuous attention while feeding, bathing, and cleaning. An In house skilled nurse assistant can loosen the burden and provide constant support.

Elder Care

The later stage of life requires the utmost care. For the elders, our home health care nurse offers Medication reminders, Prevention of falls, Assistance in oral feeding, support with walking and exercises, Hygiene, and Grooming.

Medical Dressing

Post-injury and Postoperative support are essential to keep yourself and your family stress-free. With our home nursing services, we offer bedsore dressing, suture removal at home, surgical wound dressing, positioning of bedridden patients, and toilet assistance.

Injections and Vaccinations

Following International medical protocols our nursing agency tends to offer hospital-quality sterilized injections and Vaccinations for Flu, H1N1, Typhoid, Pneumonia, and other infectious diseases.

Medical Care

In times of uncertainty, regular body checkups are important. Our nursing care services offer vital measurements, oxygen status, stoma care at home, and BP status.

Lifestyle Management

Your loved ones are our responsibility. Our home health care nurse keeps them active, helps them move, offers companionship, assists in all activities, and gives them the care and compassion they deserve.

Why Choose Caregivers

Highly Trained Nursing Staff

Nurses at Caregivers are certified in medical life support and have undergone mandatory practical competency checks. We provide skilled nursing at home by following international standards and protocols.

Comfort and Cost Effective

Get rid of hospital runs and seek comfortable nursing services at home with the customized and cost-effective nursing care plans that suit best for the patients. With affordable solutions heal and recover in the comfort of your own house.

Medication Management

Missing out on medicines on time can lead to serious health issues. Our professional caregivers are acquainted to handle medication and prescriptions to assure that the patient gets the right medicine at the right time.

Caring Companion

Our skilled nurses assist the patient in activities such as walking, reading, eating, and other activities so that the patient doesn't have the feeling of loneliness and abandonment. We believe social interactions can fasten the healing process and help the patient stay motivated.

Personalized Care

We believe that each patient is unique and we have crafted the skills of our home nursing staff keeping in mind the needs of the patients. Personalized supervision helps the patients recover faster in their comfortable environment without being glued to hospitals.

Guaranteed Safety

Keeping in mind the COVID protocols all our nursing services are offered with utmost safety for both patients and their families. The staff at Caregivers are trained on precautions, carry sanitizers, wear masks (PPE equipment if required) and go through temperature checks every few hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Provides one-on-one care, Nurses can support the patients in the absence of family, manages chronic health conditions to prevent hospital visits, and Supports on-time medication.

Once the client registers with us, the patient and their families get live support at any given point of time from our healthcare team.

Not just the patient, but even their families also benefit from our healthcare nursing services and our staff takes away most of the responsibilities.

Yes, our nurses are qualified, trained, registered, and licensed.

Yes, when a patient registers with us, we maintain complete confidentiality and do not give out any information to anyone.

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