Personal Care Aid

What is Personal Care Aide?

A trained caregiver who delivers non-medical assistance in the comfort of their home is known as a Personal care aide. Based on the patient’s needs and conditions they provide a broad range of services, by helping the patient with their day-to-day activities of life and taking them towards the path of being Independent at home and in their social settings.

At CareGivers we provide Personal Care Aides (PCA) to help our patients with their daily chores, containing basic hygiene, house maintenance, cooking & eating, running errands for groceries and medicines, and other day-to-day activities.

As CareGivers being your core care provider, we ensure to provide you with the best personal care aide that fits your subjective preferences. We take care of you as soon as you point yourself to a personal care aide and we will send them to your doorstep based on your schedule. So you are always taken care of.

Doctor utilizing phone with emphasis on personal home care assistance.

What are the benefits of personal care services?

There are a variety of benefits to choosing this type of in-home care over a nursing home or an assisted living facility.

  • The ability to stay at home
  • Low cost
  • Customized service
  • Enriched quality of life

The Ability to Stay at Home

Most senior citizens going through various conditions would choose to be able to live their life in their own space, especially if they are still able to obtain a level of companionship that personal care aides provide. Most of the time, having help with basic tasks can benefit the older person to live safely and in comfort at home.

Low Cost

By assigning a personal care aide you save both time and money. A nursing home would require a patient’s presence and the stay there would turn out to be costlier than the price you pay for a personal care aide that comes to you in the comfort of your home.

Customized Service

The Personal care attendants focus particularly on the complex needs of the client. As every patient is different, the needs and the situations differ as well. Few may need care for an hour while few care for 24 hours.

Enriched Quality of Life

Being in this industry for years we have analyzed our customer’s responses and found that personal care aide permits our patients to live life to the fullest and feel no less. Our caregivers encourage their Independence and form a close bond with the patients and their families.

What You Can Expect from Personal Care

The Duties and responsibilities of a Personal Care Aide include:

  • Conducts everyday personal care such as personal hygiene i.e bathing, dressing, grooming assistance.
  • Reviews and Maintains the medical records of the client’s progress and assistance performed, then reports the changes in patient condition to their supervisor.
  • Performs household duties such as cooking, washing clothes, cleaning, and light dishes, and running errands for groceries and medicines.
  • During the period of family disruption, they care for patients and their families by providing them companionship, and personal supervision, and helping them in adapting to new lifestyles.
  • The caretaker performs health-related tasks such as overseeing the vital signs and medicine changes under the supervision of licensed nurses or doctors.
  • Plans for the meal, shops for groceries, prepares daily nutritious meals or assists the families in planning the same.
  • Ensure the client is traveling outside the home safely to locations such as to doctors’ clinics or outings, by transporting them primarily by using a car.
  • The Caretaker trains the family members to give bedside care.
  • Notifies or advises patients on problems such as utilities, cleanliness, hygiene care, diet & nutrition, or baby care.
  • The caretaker always participates in case studies, discussing with the team caring for the patient, to analyze the patient’s needs and plans for continuing services.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Personal Care Aide (PCA) will assist the elderly, or persons with disabilities with daily living activities in the person's house or in a care facility.

A Personal Care Assistant (PCA) is a professional who can perform activities like monitoring and communicating patient condition, transportation, house cleaning, personal care, providing meals, and other health and wellness-related activities.

As you book your appointment with CareGivers, you can make the payment directly to us using any online payment method.

You can change your schedule seamlessly without facing any hazards and we will make sure we send our personal care aide professional to your place according to your schedule.

All you have to do is book an appointment with us by describing your needs and we will send a personal care aide directly to your place at your suitable time.

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