What Our Patients Have to Say

Carter is an impressive young man presenting himself as an outgoing professional in appearance and manner. He is bright and friendly in approaching clients and carries out his assignments briskly and confidently. He is knowledgeable and disciplined thus building confidence in his skills.
Edmund P. Willis
My nurse and therapist were very professional. They were key to my recovery after my hip replacement. The therapist pushed me to do the exercises in a way that motivated me to gain back my mobility and I was ready for out-patient therapy in no time. I will definitely use them again when I have my other hip replacement next year.
James D.
McLean, VA
The nurse was very knowledgeable. My husband was a complicated case requiring several skills including colostomy care, TPN infusion, and wound care. The nurse took the time to educate me and my daughter with the care that was needed. We will never forget the compassion the nurse gave us. I only want Caregivers to take care of my friends and family.
Rosemary S.
Arlington, VA
Caregivers Home Health has made an impact in my life. I was struck with an infection that I needed IV antibiotics at home. They had genuine concern and answered all of my questions. The nurse simplified the whole process to me that it was so easy to understand. I admire these health care professionals that go out on the roads to see patients like me. A salute to you Caregivers!
Christine A.
Fairfax, VA
OT- Your patient sent survey to office - patient stated, Parisa always set times to plan ahead, she is Fabulous and very tough!
PT- Your patient commended you on your professionalism, expertise, patience with the mom and compassionate care.
OT- Your patient's wife commended you, stating her husband has had multiple strokes over the years and his wife said that out of all the physical therapist he has seen, Cynthia has gotten the most out of him and has gotten him the furthest along!
So a, OT and Leigh, PTA, Wife of your patient called wanting to say know how much she appreciates OT Sona and PTA Leidy. She said due to their intervention and suggestion that patient go to hospital, his life was saved. She said she is very grateful and that they provide superior service.
SHOUT OUT to Ren for going to see a pt from an urgent call for blocked foley this morning in limited amount of time before the pt had to leave for a wound clinic appointment - Thanks Ren and GREAT JOB!!! 😁😎
Shout out to Mambo - Jenlyn at Inova Wound Clinic called to complement Mambo on her excellent wrapping and wound care for pt W.B. GREAT JOB, MAMBO!! 😁
New CNA, Hanaa - your patient said you were the best aid ever and were professional, kind and went above and beyond! GREAT JOB!!
Shout out to Kendraya from patient Karen Verdonck.
She called to say, "Kendraya is AWESOME!" She expressed that she is very happy with care given by Kendraya and that she was a patient of Kendraya's prior to this admission and asked for Kendraya back and it is great to have continuity of care. GREAT JOB KENDRAYA!!!
I received a phone call from Dr. Fricka's office - Anderson Orthopedics. Vera called to give kudos and a huge thank you to Sasha for catching signs and symptoms of a PE on her PT physical assessment during her SOC visit and sent the PT to the hospital. Per Vera, the PT did have a PE and is being treated in the hospital and they are very appreciative for Sasha noting this on her assessment.
Superb, Competent and Polite is one of your patient's feedback @Rochelle Enriquez - SN ! Great job and keep up the good work!
PT Swingler's wife called to compliment her on what a great job she did in caring for her husband. She wants Azin to know how great she is for helping them, communicating with them and that she does a really good job. Way to go!!! πŸŽ†πŸŽ‡βœ¨πŸŽ‰πŸ§¨
I was Rhizza's patient during November - December period last year. I can't say enough good things about her care and patience with me, my newborn, and my cats during this time. She was always punctual, knowledgeable, attentive, and sincerely compassionate with my unfortunate situation. I thought to write to you to let you know about my great experience with Rhizza and wish you have more nurses like her.
I just want to share with everyone about Ms Rosa Pool Just want to mention that she is working hard for us to have supplies for our patients every day. I want to say thank you for your hard work.
Dr. Blake is very happy with your Company's Services and The Analen's care she provided the wound care because the wounds are healing and continue to decrease in measurement".
Nurse Aley was really good and that he listened to me for my needs and did a wonderful job. He is number 1!
Cesar, you are first class, articulate, Really know what you are takling about and he cannot recommend you enough. This patient stated he has told his doctor what a great job you do and your care is most impressive.
To Nurses Ayuhan and Paquita,
"Your services are impeccable" and "You did an outstanding job".
To Fahim
From patient's wife, "Fahim was very nice, kind, and thorough" and is "highly satisfied" with his work! She would like him to continue providing care for her husband.
From a co worker
To PT Courtney
She is the reason I travel from Alexandria to Woodbridge to do the PT assessment visits. She was off this week and I did the follow up visits on the pts she is following for me. Each and every one of them, and their caregivers/ family members have nothing but praise for her both professionally and personally. She is very courteous, efficient, effective and pleasant. It is obvious how good she is with her pts in the progress I always see. I am very grateful to be part of her team in Woodbridge. Also Emmanuel Owusu - OT does not take a back seat. The pts he also sees that I followed this week had many praises for him as well.
To Nurses Shay and Hewan
"you are both lovely to work with and your upbeat attitude makes a difference in my husband’s care."
To Nurse Rochelle,
"You are an EXCELLENT NURSE, and are LOVELY and Give EXCELLENT CARE!! All of the INOVA wound staff also think you are EXCELLENT!!!"

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