Physical Therapy Services for Seniors

Physical Therapist for Seniors at Caregivers Home Health

It is hard to move around when you or your loved ones are dealing with an injury, disability, and physical illness. To help and treat the patients to regain mobility, CareGivers offer physical therapy for seniors at home that helps them reclaim their movement with ease. The physiotherapists are well trained in practical skills to examine, diagnose, and treat the patients with intensive care and help them recover in no time.

Caregivers offer professional home physical therapy for seniors in the most efficient, effective, and affordable manner.

Benefit with the quality of physiotherapy that makes use of kinesiology, biomechanics, manual therapy, electrotherapy, and exercise therapy in the comfort of your home without visiting any physiotherapy clinics.

A female nurse providing physical therapy for seniors in a home setting.

Steps to ensure physiotherapy to work at home with ease

  • Keep your reports ready for the physiotherapy session
  • Ensure that your therapist is well aware of your medical history
  • Choose a comfortable space in your house to perform physiotherapy.

Types of Physical Therapy Services Offered

Sports Injury Physiotherapy

Injuries obtained like swollen knee, neck, and shoulder, Ligament tears, Tennis Elbow & Rotator Cuff by doing a sports activity cannot be ignored as it impacts future movements. Don’t stop the play! Instead, book professional physical therapy and get rid of the pain in no time.

Orthopedic Physiotherapy

Make your moments easy, with the aim of treating musculoskeletal systems like bones, joints, Slipped discs, Arthritis, and Spondylitis. Orthopedic physiotherapy is suggested for sprains, Neck Pain, post-surgery, strains & post fracture. This physiotherapy enhances joint range, pain relief & boosts joint range.

Physiotherapy for Elders

The elderly need constant assistance to perform basic life movements. Geriatric care is required for the elders for age-related conditions like Balance impairment, Joint pains, postural instability, and other weaknesses. This intervention measure can be effective to enhance the quality of their life and increase flexibility.

Post- Operative Physiotherapy

Post operative a person requires intensive care. Regain your mobility post surgery by getting professional physical therapy at home and regain your mobility in no time. Don’t wait in physio clinics, book an appointment and our physiotherapist will make sure that you get back to normal life promptly.

Neurological Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy for Parkinson’s disease, Paralysis, Post Heart Attack are very crucial to get back to living your perfect life. Physiotherapy can make the patient improve muscle tone in paralysis, it can regulate the moments and gain independence for people with Parkinson’s disorder, and with physiotherapy people post heart attack can decrease the blood pressure.

Pediatric Physiotherapy

Children with physical disabilities should not be left behind, physiotherapy can help the child with impairments attain their potential. Book a session with our professional physical therapist and help your child move with ease, confidence, and flexibility.

Advantages of Physiotherapy at Home

Over the years physiotherapy has asserted its effectiveness by treating patients in enhancing and restoring their physical strength, mobility, function and overall health. We don’t want you to suffer in pain further, by letting you travel to costly clinics and waiting in long queues for your turn and in turn being charged more than the service deserves. Our motto is to provide cost-effective and professional in home physical therapy for elderly at home with ease. As it…

  • Provides personalized care
  • Patient-Centric Approach
  • No issues with Mobility
  • Supervision and Support of family
  • Rapid healing process
  • Facilitates Comfort

It’s not time for you to say goodbye to all your concerns and receive hassle-less physiotherapy treatment at home.

A female nurse providing home physical therapy for seniors.

Why Choose Caregivers

Expert Physiotherapist

Our Physiotherapist undergoes intensive training to perform comprehensive and customized assessments. All the treatments are evidence-based and clinical SPOs driven.

Save Time & Money

Get rid of the stress of rushing to clinics in pain. Rather book a session with our specialized therapist in the most cost-effective way and benefit from their years of In house experience.

Customized Home Care Plan

As each patient is different, so are their necessities, that is why we provide personalized physiotherapy sessions based on the patient's medical needs which can help them recover quickly.

Quality and Safety

Our therapists are well sanitized and undergo temperature checks before reaching your location. We aim to improve overall well being, social functioning, assure routine checks, and reduce infection rates by providing quality sessions in the home environment.

Faster healing

In-house physiotherapy increases the recovery rate as the patient is not prone to any infections and is safe in their environment. Our therapist builds a bond with patients and their families via practical communication and showcases honest results.

Advanced Physical Therapy

We set result-oriented goals based on the patient's condition and apply advanced proven methodologies by following international physiotherapy protocols that can regulate the patient's recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you are they're recovering from a major injury/surgery, you need to go through treatment sessions to relieve the pain that restricts your mobility and strength.

Kinesiology, Biomechanics, Manual therapy, Electrotherapy, and Exercise therapy.

Sports Injury Physiotherapy, Pediatric Physiotherapy, Neurological Physiotherapy, Post- Operative Physiotherapy, Physiotherapy for Elders, Orthopedic Physiotherapy.

Reduces pain, Recovering from injury, and Treating sports-related injuries, Helps in avoiding surgery, Helps in managing diabetes and preventing heart diseases, and Improves mobility.

  • Keep your reports ready for the physiotherapy session
  • Ensure that your therapist is well aware of your medical history
  • Choose a comfortable space in your house to perform physiotherapy
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