Private Duty Services

What Is Meant by Private Duty Nursing?

As with any other in-home care service, a private duty nurse provides one-on-one medical care. Every nurse is trained and is qualified to offer private nursing services in the comfort of the patient’s own residence, or in a place such as a hospital or nursing home where the patient chooses to get the services. They can offer advanced care by working as a team with the family. At Caregivers, we provide specialized private health care services in your comfort space with individualized care needed by the patients. You don’t have to rush anywhere to provide care to your loved ones. Our private health care nurses provide services to all age groups of patients, especially the elder who is going through physical conditions.

What Is the Difference Between Home Health Care and Private Duty Nursing?

Private duty care

Private duty care is non-medical in nature. It simply means that there is no involvement of any nurses, doctors, therapists, or other medical personnel in the treatment of the patient. The duties of a private duty care person center around helping a patient to conduct the fundamental necessities of life. The categories are such activities as preparation of the meal, bathing, grooming & dressing, assisting the patient with walking around the house, doing light housekeeping, easy household tasks, safety surveillance, medication reminders, fellowship, and providing transportation based on patients needs. A private city care person can spend as long as the patient requires there is no such limit on it.

Private duty care personnel also involve the patient’s family by assisting them on how to treat the patient on a regular basis, they also help family members take a break from giving care so that they don’t feel burdened. A private duty care person is also taken on trips and actions to provide the care to the patient and family can enjoy without worrying about the patient’s requirements.

Patient receiving attentive care from private nursing services
Private nurse making bed for patient

Home health care

In-home health care a skilled medical professional is involved. It specifies that there could be skilled nursing services being provided such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy or speech therapy, other home health aide services, such as a nutrition specialist, a medical social worker, and at times even a doctor’s care may be the requirement.

The patient needs to have a specific reason to be prescribed for home health care. All these criteria consist of a home inbound status, doctor’s orders, and medical abilities which are expected at least on a periodic basis, and normally over a longer period of time. The Home health care workers are licensed, and insured, for the protection of both patients and CareGivers.

The purpose of private duty care is to empower the patient with the assistance that will enable the client to remain in their home and live comfortably while relishing an adequate level of quality of life.

Private Duty Nursing Services Include

We at CareGivers hire highly trained and qualified staff to provide specialized care. Each and every private duty nurse are either a Registered Nurse (RNs) or licensed practical nurse (LPNs) all our nurses can work in concurrence with traditional in-home caregivers to provide the same enhancing care services that make CareGivers a provider of choice. We here believe that every patient, no matter their age or perceptivity can experience more advantage, connection, and hope with quality care from the CareGivers care group.

All our private duty nurses are highly trained and authorized to perform the following advanced medical tasks:

  • Oral medication arrangement
  • Injectable or Non-injectable medication preparation
  • filling of syringe and Insulin
  • Catheter hygiene & Ostomy
  • Disposal and Replacement of the aseptic bandages
  • Sensitive wound care, Skin management, skin ailment monitoring.
  • Helping the patient with tube feeding and Oral cavity suctioning
  • Bowel activity monitoring
  • Behavioral training for family members
  • Basic health examinations and care coordination
Private nurse preparing injection for patient

What to Expect from Private Duty Nursing

The Key Skills and Responsibilities of a Private Duty Personnel;

  • Putting up with a patient’s vital signs and revising their electronic records.
  • Conveying the patient’s needs to doctors or clinical staff.
  • Taking a note or Supervising the work done by CNAs or home health aides
  • Ensuring that the medical equipment is working adequately
  • Giving wound care and other post-surgery care to the patients

Frequently Asked Questions

A person who finds difficulty in doing basic life activities such as bathing, brushing, dressing, and grooming can appoint for private care duty to make their life easy and efficient.

Private city care assists the patient with daily life activities and guides the patient's family members on regular basis.

You can specify your problem and based on that the CareGivers team will guide you on what level of service you would require.

They are available at all times. You can book an appointment based on your requirement for 12 or 24 hours and we will send our best to your doorstep.

Private duty care nursing is a non-medical field where there is no involvement of doctors, nurses and other physicians. Home health care is a skilled medicated service provided to the patient depending on the patient's condition and requirements.

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